Thursday, May 27, 2010

One more for the day, another giveaway

If you love hanging out in sweats you need to check out the cutest sweats on earth!  The Jackson Five family blog is giving away a whole sweat suit and it's just adorable!

A giveaway happening

I am a fan of Whish, it's a company specializing in moisturizers.  The Jackson Five blog I follow is having a giveaway!!!  I suggest you go check it out!!

A new chocolate love......

I love chocolate, doesn't every girl?  My sister was visiting over the weekend and if anyone knows us they would know the thing we love to do most is cook and bake together.  She is a very good cook and baker so when she told me her favorite kind of chocolate to just sit and eat was chocolate with a touch of sea salt it sounded like something I had to have right away.  I love all things sweet and salty.  So, I just so happen to go the store the very next day and what was staring straight at me in the candy isle?  A Lindt dark chocolate bar with a touch of sea salt.  I grabbed it right away and couldn't wait to get home and try some but first I had to make dinner for the family.  I was so anxious by the time I got to the chocolate I was about to explode.  Let me tell ya, taking the first bite was magical.  You got the wonderful chocolate flavor with hints of salt.  It was a flavor explosion in my mouth.  Thanks to my sister for sharing this wonderful idea.  I now have a new found love.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cardinals baseball cake

I had so much fun putting together my latest cake.  I never thought I would be able to tackle a sports themed cake.  I have 3 princesses so I haven't had a lot of experience in this dept.  However, I loved taking on the challenge of this cake and think it turned out not so bad.  Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think?!

the makeup divas giveaway

The makeup divas are having a curling iron give away.  I am hairstylist and this new tool is going to be a great tool for getting the waves that are so in style right now. Go check it out!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gotta love Facebook

It's amazing what starting a fan page on Facebook can do for  a business.  I started it a little while ago and the orders have been coming in like crazy.

Recently I did a baby shower cake and another catfish cake.  I guess here in the good ol' midwest catfish are a popular item.  You would not believe how crazy a man can get about seeing a cake like this.   Here are some updated pics, enjoy!!!